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If the entire world shutting down has taught me one thing, it’s that it is really easy to save money when you don’t spend it on random crap. After an unintentional spending detox, I’m back and ready to put some (I also opened my first ever savings account) of my spending power to good use. Forget £12 cocktails and calling a taxi instead of walking for a few minutes in the rain, here are five ethical female owned brands to start supporting today – I know I am.

Roop At less than a year old, Manchester-based Roop has already caught the attention of the UK’s coolest influencers. The brand uses remnant and vintage fabric to create stunning bags, scrunchies and more recently, face masks. Completely vegan, the only new parts of purchase from Roop are the clasps and elastic. With each piece handmade by founder Natasha, the brand promises one of a kind or massively limited runs of each design… rumour has it, they are about to start branching out into wedding accessories. You can order pieces on their website, good luck getting your hands on a piece – stock sells out super-fast.

Flo Did you know, it takes a tampon longer to degrade than the lifespan of the woman wearing it? The girls at Flo did and decided to do something about it. Launched in 2017, the brand provides ethical and sustainable femcare designed by women for women. Beginning life as a university project, Flo is now available online and in Boots. The brand believes you should help empower other women and has committed to donating 5% of all profits to charities, including the Orchid Project, who are working to end FGM around the world. The brand is also committed to fighting period poverty in the UK, working with organisations including Bloody Good Period.

BYBI Natural, sustainable, and forward-thinking beauty brand, BYBI is passionate about changing the beauty industry from the inside. The brand is built on the belief that great skincare should not come at a cost to the planet and BYBI wants to bring climate conscious products to the masses. Having started out as beauty bloggers before training as formulators, founders Dominika and Elsie prove that knowledge really is power. Since launching, the brand has been making waves, having declared a war on carbon and constantly pushing for innovative solutions to the industry’s waste problem. Think biodegradable sugar cane plastic tubes and upcycled strawberry seeds collected from food industry waste. You can find out more about their pledge to become net zero by the end of the year and shop skincare on their site …green has never looked so good.

Sasstainable In a world where every day products have short lives but long-lasting impacts, Sasstainable wants to do the very opposite. Created by influencer Steph Elswood, the brand’s mission is to find more ethical versions of common everyday products. Currently offering bamboo cutlery and biodegradable toothbrushes, keep your eye out as they continue to expand the offering on their online shop. The brand’s Instagram page is a bit of a hidden gem, along with updates on the products available, it also provides delicious recipes for everything from breakfast to dessert.

Daughter of Bohemian Founded in 2012 by former High Street fashion buyer, Nuala Ferrington, Daughter of Bohemian is centred around creating upcycled individual pieces from pre-loved fabrics. With stand-out pieces including vintage kimonos and hand-painted sportswear, the brand credits itself in understanding the importance of culture and appreciating creators and the artistic process. Along with one-off pieces, it also runs a calendar of workshops, open studios and planned shopping events. To learn more and shop the pieces available, you can visit their site.

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